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Our partnership with The Lancet offers up-to-the-minute information from the best in medical literature.

Just Published from The Lancet on Merck Medicus lets you read original abstracts and articles for a limited time before they're available in print. You can also download selected full-text articles for 7 days at no cost. Just Published offers access to high-quality clinical trials, analysis of international health issues, and critical appraisal of research and reviews.

You'll also find articles from The Lancet's specialty journals that feature original research and opinion on international issues relevant to clinical oncologists, neurologists, and infectious diseases specialists. Specialty journals from The Lancet on Merck Medicus include:

  • The Lancet Infectious Diseases
  • The Lancet Neurology
  • The Lancet Oncology

A history of medical and editorial excellence

With its prestigious heritage as one of the world's leading medical journals, The Lancet has inspired practicing health care professionals and researchers since 1823 with scholarship that entertains, instructs, and reforms.

The journal combines publication of the best medical science in the world with a passion for counteracting the political, social, or commercial forces that undermine the values of medicine. The Lancet represents an independent and authoritative voice in global medicine, without affiliation to a medical or scientific organization. 

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The Lancet

Founded in 1823, The Lancet continues to be one of the world's leading medical journals. It remains independent and unaffiliated with any medical or scientific organization, publishing its original weekly journal and 3 monthly specialty journals in the fields of oncology (The Lancet Oncology), neurology (The Lancet Neurology), and infectious diseases (The Lancet Infectious Diseases).

The Lancet provides high-quality medical resources, in-depth knowledge in key medical disciplines, and research and analysis from all regions of the globe. Today, the journals deliver the latest medical news and clinical research to physicians and health care professionals in every country around the world.