Terms of use agreement

Terms of use agreement



Welcome to univadis.co.il. This website is owned and operated by Merck, Sharp & Dohme (Israel-1996) Company Ltd. ("MSD"), a member of the Merck & Co., Inc. group of companies.

univadis.co.il offers this multi-faceted Internet resource to duly licensed healthcare professionals in Israel.

  1. Acceptance. By using this website, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with the terms of use set forth in this agreement. MSD reserves the right to change these terms from time to time, as it deems to be necessary. We will always post notice of those changes, and the date that they became effective, within the current agreement on the website. You may view the current applicable version of this Terms of Use Agreement at any time through a link at the bottom of each page within this website. MSD reserves the right to remove or modify information from the website or to stop the use of the website at any time and subject to its sole discretion.
  2. Scope. The terms of use set forth in this agreement apply only to your use of this website. MSD operates other websites that are covered by their own conditions as specified within those sites. When we refer to "MSD" we mean the pharmaceutical business of MSD.
  3. Description of Service. This website includes many types of services and information for healthcare professionals including research and news articles, slides, tools, other educational materials, and other resources, as well as the ability to receive communications from MSD. All information contained within the site is intended only for adults who are duly licensed healthcare professionals in Israel. The information contained within this site is in no way intended to serve as a substitute for your own medical judgment or as a personal prognosis, recommendation for treatment regarding a specific patient, and those are subject to the treating physician discretion and to the medical and personal data of each patient. As a healthcare professional, you should use your own professional judgment in evaluating the information provided within this website. We also recommend that you consult with other professional sources and references prior to making any evaluation or treatment decisions. Your access to and use of the information contained herein is subject to this Terms of Use Agreement and all applicable law. The content of the website may reflect a certain medical opinion, but does not presume to provide full and complete information required for the treatment of a specific patient and does not presume to contain other opinions or methods which may be accepted in the specific treatment area and therefore we recommend you to use other sources of information to enrich your knowledge in that area. In any event, prior to prescribing, you should review the doctor's leaflet as approved by the Ministry of Health.
  4. Representation. As a user of this website, you are liable for the accuracy of the information that you provide to us, including, but not limited to, your license number and your professional representation.
  5. SPECIFIED BELOW- NOT NECESSARY Third Party Content. This website contains information brought to you by third parties. The site also provides links to other MSD and/or non-MSD Internet websites. Notice of this information is provided throughout the website. MSD assumes no responsibility for information provided by third parties or the content of other Internet sites to which we provide links. Those Internet Web sites are governed by their own terms of use displayed on the respective Web sites.
  6. Copyright. Materials published in this website are copyrighted by MSD unless otherwise noted, such as those reprinted with permission from other publishers. Such material is protected by Israeli and international copyright laws and treaties. Users of this website may not reproduce, republish or redistribute material found on the website in any form without the express written consent of the copyright holder.
  7. Disclaimer of Warranties. MSD has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the information contained within this website is reliable, however, by using this website, you accept the products and services provided herein "AS IS". MSD makes no express or implied warranty regarding the accuracy, content, completeness, reliability, operability, or legality of information contained within this website, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights. MSD shall not be responsible for any damage monetary or other, that might be caused to you due to the use of information from the website or any other information linked to the website.
  8. MSD does not warrant to the continuousness of the use of the website and is not liable to any fault or failure which may occur while using the website, failure of the software or hardware or communication problems and/or to any damage which might be caused to your computer while using the website including without limitation, viruses or any other damaging components to your computer.
  9. Consequences. MSD reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account if you violate the terms of this agreement. If your violation causes harm to others, you agree to indemnify and hold MSD harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, or expense. If any dispute arises between us regarding this agreement or your use of this website, it shall be resolved through good faith negotiations between the parties. If such efforts prove unsuccessful, all such controversies, claims, or disputes shall be submitted to binding arbitration conducted in Israel before a single arbitrator. The parties shall endeavor in good faith to mutually agree on the selection of an arbitrator who is an Israeli jurist. If the parties cannot mutually agree on the selection of an arbitrator within ten (10) days of the request, they shall apply to the Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association based in Tel-Aviv to appoint an arbitrator. The arbitrator thus selected shall not be bound to substantive law or procedural rules. The arbitration proceedings shall be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The arbitration award shall be final and binding, and it may be confirmed and enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction in Israel. Each party shall pay for all attorney fees it incurred in connection with the arbitration and shall share equally in the costs of the arbitration.
  10. Merck Sharp & Dohme (Israel-1996) Company Ltd. Internet Privacy Policy [NOTE: The Privacy Policy can be either separated to an independent document which shall be included with a link (Privacy Policy) and then this document will only include a reference to it, or included in this document in its entirety and then there is no need for an additional document.]


    The Privacy Protection Law, 1981 regulates the collection and processing of information relating to you and grants you various rights in relation to your personal data.
    Merck Sharp & Dohme (Israel-1996) Company Ltd. ("MSD") is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that it complies with its obligations under the Privacy Protection Law 1981 and any applicable rules and regulations.
    This Statement explains how we use the information that we collect about you when you register for the MSD service.

    The information we collect and how we use it.
    When you first register on our web site at univadis.co.il and when you register for one of our services, we collect personal information from you such as your name, e-mail address and clinical specialty. Please note that you are not legally required to provide any details or information to MSD, and any information provided by you is provided at your will.

    We gather this information to allow us to process your registration and to provide you with customized content, including articles relating to your fields of interest and various conference and training opportunities, as well as using it to develop and improve our services. The information provided by you will be kept in MSD's data base or through companies working as agents on behalf of MSD for the collection and processing of information. Any information containing your personal information will be treated according to MSD's strict privacy protection standards and according to the applicable law, rules and regulations, only for the purposes for which it was collected, and subject to the obligation to protect your privacy.

    We may disclose information about you to Merck & Co., Inc. in the United States and its worldwide Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) subsidiaries ("Merck") for the above specified purposes. Merck has adopted an Online Privacy Commitment to its web site visitors which policy is hereby adopted by this Policy and made an integral part thereof. In the event of conflict between the terms of this Policy and the policy adopted by Merck, the terms of this Policy shall prevail. Your information may also be available to Merck's affiliates, or companies working as agents on behalf of Merck (such as companies that collect and process your information for us as well as companies that fulfill your requests for more information about our products or other services). Merck has sought assurances by contract from these companies that they will only use this information at Merck's direction, in a manner that is consistent with this policy. These companies are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from sharing, selling, or in any way providing this information to anyone else.
    In addition, we may use aggregated information for the purposes of tracking the usage of our services and in order to help us develop and improve the web site and such services. We may pass this information to third parties.

    The aggregated information and statistics passed to third parties will not, however, include details that can be used to identify you. We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone without obtaining your permission prior thereto.
    We would like to provide you with information by email about services on and updates to the website, and also about other MSD services and products which we think may be of interest to you. We will only do this if you have given us your express permission in the registration form.
    Our content services may provide links to other web sites over which we have no control. The information practices of these linked web sites are not covered by this Statement and you should check these sites carefully to find out how they use your personal information.

    Changes to this Privacy Policy.
    MSD may amend this policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on our pages.

    Updating your personal information.
    If you wish to delete any of the information that you have provided to us or update it please let us know the correct details by emailing us at webmaster@univadis.co.il If at any time you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please email us at webmaster@univadis.co.il